Back at it!

We've had a busy year, but we're back!

Avocado, black bean, and brown rice tacos

Quick, easy, and healthy - this is one of my favorite "thrown-together" recipes!

Summer Bucket List - part 2

I have high hopes to accomplish a lot of nitty-gritty things during the long summer days, so I've created a second part to my Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List - part 1

One of the best things about living the the Twin Cities is the multitude of festivals, outings, fairs and activities to do outside during the summer months. Minnesotans are experts at enjoying warm weather when it is given to us - and our family intends to take advantage!

Teenager in the City

We had the kiddo for Labor Day and packed the weekend with family fun!

Spring skirt love!

Check out a few of my favorite (and affordable!) spring skirts as I fully embrace the midi-skirt trend.

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