Sarah & Dan

Our Story

We aren't perfect - far from it. Our kitchen is rarely spotless, the house is usually a mess, we spend too much money on coffee and eating out, and we could stand to lose some weight. We rarely have our holiday decorations up with enough time to enjoy them before the holiday has past. We watch too much TV and spend more time than we should just sitting on the couch.

But we're trying.

We enjoy updating our home and being crafty/artsy. We want to set a household budget and stick to it. We want to buy a home and have a child. We hope we are raising my 15-year-old stepson right. We want to cook more at home - and eat healthier.

This blog is about our journey to become adults, run an efficient and clean household, update and personalize our 100-year-old home, build creativity, and travel the world. We are working to balance family, relationships, friendships, and full-time jobs.

We've got big dreams and not so big goals - from traveling the world to organizing our household finances. We are just trying to figure it all out - and we know so many of you are, too. (By all means, if you have it figured out, please contact us so you can do a guest post!) Here at entwined we hope you will grow with us as we figure out life as a young family in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.

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